ČAD Blansko a.s.
Nádraľní 2369/10, 678 20 Blansko
IČ: 49454641, DIČ: CZ49454641

Společnost je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném krajským soudem v Brně v oddíle B č. vloľky 1171

International truck transportation in general

Contact information:

ĦSAD Blansko a.s.
SvitavskĂ· 23
678 20 Blansko
Company Identification Number: 49454641, Tax Number: 283–49454641
Fax: +420 516 426 333 email:mkd@csad­bk.cz

Manager of the International truck transportation:
JaromĂ­r ChalupnĂ­k tel: +420 5­16 426 315 Mobile: +420 777 5­54 715 e-mail:chalupnik@csad­bk.cz

International truck transportation

International truck transportation with large-capacity trucks operates all over Europe. We are specialised in Germany, Austria, Italy, France
We provide special ADR transportation
Shipping of piece consignments to and from Italy.
Consultancy and advisory services

Quality policy

Our company is a holder of the Quality Management System Certificate pursuant to ĦSN EN ISO 9002

Transportation vehicles

DAF XF 95 EURO II-III tractors
SCHMITZ trailers


We have insurance cover for the transported goods for all vehicles transporting your goods ( i.e insurance against damage, loss, abstraction) up to CZK 10 MIO.

Monitoring of transportation:

All vehicles are equipped with mobile phones enabling immediately to inform drivers of changed instructions or to receive data on the exact positioning of the vehicle. Drivers provide regular information on their exact position and the whole transportation is monitored in harmony with standard ĦSN EN ISO 9002.

Qualification of drivers:

All international transportation drivers receive the necessary training, medical and psychological checks as well as ADR training.
22.7.2010 in part: Cargo transportation Author: Jaromír Chalupník
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