ČAD Blansko a.s.
Nádražní 2369/10, 678 20 Blansko
IČ: 49454641, DIČ: CZ49454641

Společnost je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném krajským soudem v Brně v oddíle B č. vložky 1171

Company history

The town of Blansko is situated in the protected natural reserve Moravian Carst in the near of the south Moravian urban centre Brno. The town has a long industrial tradition. ČKD Blansko a.s. producing water turbines, milling machines and artistic cast iron, Metra Blansko a.s. (measuring devices) and Adast a.s. (production of pumps and printing machines) rank among the companies with the longest history. Blansko region forms the foothills of the Drahanská highlands marked out by the cleanest air in the Czech republic with extensive forest areas and highland farming.

Picture: in the Moravian Carst (12 KB)Spring of the Punkva river

The company ČSAD Blansko (branch 601) was established in 1949 as a branch of the transportation company ČSAD (Czechoslovak automobile transportation), state enterprise. During its existence, the state automobile transportation (ČSAD) went through many changes in the organizational structure. Company structure and the management of the state automobile transportation were dictated by the national economy requirements. Before 1950, this transportation company formed one of 601 branches of the South Moravian division of ČSAD.

Transportation company Blansko was established to meet the traffic needs of the town of Blansko namely its engineering companies. At the beginning of 1960´s, the fast development of housing for employees of the expanding engineering plants was followed by further development of industry and services exceeding the needs of the region.

Motor vehicles of ČSAD Blansko participated in the construction of the Czechoslovak highways, Dalešice dam, nuclear power plant Dukovany, construction of the Brno grand Prix. The automobiles were also transporting sugar root to the sugar refineries of the South Moravia. Shuttle transportation of goal from the brown goal mining region Most to the Blansko region was established during the winter time. Most significant was the transportation of foundry sand to the Blansko foundries and the transportation of gravel to the plants of Prefa Brno, company producing panels and construction elements for housing and industrial construction.

Pictures from the 2000 Brno Grand PrixGrand Prix (6 KB)

Year 1990 was a very difficult period for the company. The Boskovice branch was separated and gradually two independent state enterprises – ČSAD Blansko and ČSAD Boskovice were established. In the changed situation, the company was seeking a new position. The company originally established for the transportation of sand, gravel and stone was loosing its position due to the fundamental structural changes in the Czech industry.

Decline of industrial production caused also fundamental changes in the bus transportation. Transportation of suddenly large numbers of commuting people, overcrowding in peak hours, transportation of railroad passengers during the reconstruction of the Brno ? Česká TĹ?ebová corridor or the boom in the international tourism – these are all ventures that remind us of the excited and hectic moments we experienced in fulfilling the requirements of personal transportation.

State enterprise ČSAD Blansko was privatised and a new Public Limited Company was formed on 1.1. 1994. This date opened another significant stage of the company with long tradition and unforgettable history.

During the second stage of the so called ?coupon privatisation?, MIS Invest, a.s. (Public limited company) became the major shareholder. The major shareholder decided on the further development of the company, MIS Invest, a.s. supports all the traditional business activities of the company and it also brings new activities of providing services to the public, as well as employment and social security.

The existence of the strong major shareholder has brought the transparency necessary for work in ever more complex conditions, expanding competition and constantly changing market conditions.

In 1997, construction of the MANA (nowadays Albert) supermarket and petrol station with parking sites and reconstruction of the company premises significant in its scope, purpose and amount of funds needed was commenced. The construction was completed and handed over to the public for use on 10.December 1997. At the end of the year, the Blansko inhabitants received services that were missing in the town.

Since 1994, efforts of the company employees has been rounded off with profit. Each of the company employees has their share in the good economy results. The company management appreciate all employees whose dutiful and unselfish efforts earned the good name of ČSAD.

The company expansion has not been completed by the construction of the supermarket and petrol station. The target of the company is further development of the international truck transportation, forwarding and logistics, keeping the regular bus service, development and providing extra services, maintaining employment and social reconciliation.

?Progress of the company to 2002? is a document containing commercial and business targets of ČSAD Blansko a.s. completion of the business-administrative centre in the NádraÄľnĂ premises, significant extension of the cargo services, customs declaration not only in the registered office of the company but also in Brno and PelhĹ?imov. In the field of bus transportation, our target is not just to maintain our position in the market, but also to extend high quality services in regular transportation through purchasing new buses and in co-operation with the travel agency CA Tempo to extend services for leisure and sports.

At the beginning of the new millennium, business plans of the company are very demanding and daring. Company board of directors and management believe though, that the joint efforts of all the company employees will make the plans true.

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